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How to choose insulation brick

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In most thermal equipment, to save energy and improve working conditions, insulation is necessary. However, the insulation of some devices is not necessary because of the advantages and disadvantages of heat preservation. Therefore, consideration should be given to the actual situation and the performance of the insulating bricks should be selected as suitable insulation bricks.

The heat-insulating brick can be divided into the following types:

1) Fire-resistant clay insulation brick GB / T 3994-2005

2) high aluminum insulation brick

3) Mulite insulation brick

The principles for selecting insulation bricks include:

1) It should not affect the service life of the entire refractory masonry;

2) For continuous working high-temperature furnaces, generally a large area of ​​insulation is reasonable and heat loss can be reduced. However, for some special areas, such as flat oven roofs, insulation can reduce the service life. For periodic furnaces, regenerative heat loss is a major factor in heat loss. Insulation can increase the temperature of the masonry and increase the loss of regeneration heat. Therefore, the regular work furnace should be determined after insulation calculation and heat loss.

3) Since the insulating bricks have high porosity, they cannot withstand excessive loads and should not directly contact molten metal, slag, and high-temperature dust.

4) The insulation brick has low strength. Brick joints and expansion joints should be properly disposed of to avoid damage due to volume expansion. Insulated refractory bricks should not be subjected to strong mechanical vibrations, shocks and friction;

5) Since the insulating brick has a large reheat linear shrinkage, the maximum operating temperature should be less than 100°C than the firing temperature.

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