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The First Forum on Refractory Material Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection and Intelligent Equipment Held in Tangsh

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On the morning of April 27th, the first summit forum on energy saving, environmental protection and intelligent equipment for refractories was held in Tangshan. The forum focused on the topic of “Energy-saving, environmental protection and intelligent manufacturing”, and judged the future development direction of the refractory industry from the perspective of upgrading traditional equipment, and explored new ways of energy saving and environmental protection and new ways of smart manufacturing.

The summit forum was guided by the China Association of Refractory Materials, sponsored by the Hebei Province Refractory Materials Industry Association and China Refractories Window Network, and co-organized by the provincial Refractories Industry Association. Representatives of companies from all over the country in the field of refractory materials, refractory materials, environmental protection and smart equipment and industry experts attended the meeting. Through the meeting, industry and enterprises further recognized the positive role and significance of the development of energy-saving and environmental protection, smart equipment for the excellent structure of the refractory industry, promote transformation, high quality, and sustainable development.