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Rockwool Core Material For Sandwich Panel


Rockwool Core Material For Sandwich Panel

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Product introduction
Rock wool core material of sandwich board is specially designed for metal surface sandwich board. When it is used, the direction of rock wool fiber is perpendicular to the metal panel. It has good compressive, tensile and shear strength. Rock wool fiber is combined with the metal panel by bonding. This vertical structure makes the sandwich board have features of high compressive, tensile and shear strength. The product can be widely used in multi-modeling metal panel ‘s sandwich core material, such as the supersized or high-level applied building elevation, wall body, roofing covering, isolation board, ceiling board and high-load sandwich board, the industry of fireproofing door and so on.

The product can be supplied by pre-cutting type and is cut into sticks (wattle of core material). The vertical fiber is also applied. All of this will increase fibers’ peel strength. In addition, products of general specification can be applied by full-board type for customers that have cutting equipments. After it is cut as customers need, it can be used by rollover (rock wool core board).
It has no corrosion towards all kinds of metal materials; it is with superexcellent thermal insulation capacity and heating absorption performance to improve the thermal resistance of buildings’ outer wall, to reduce buildings’ energy consumption and to save energy; it is light-weight, dissected and is easy to be operated. The ultra-wide product can be ordered to meet the requirement of special span; flat, smooth and functional sandwich board is suitable because of its flat surface and stable size.

The product should be stored indoors, otherwise the waterproof cloth should be used to cover products in the outdoors.

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