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Rock Wool For Marine


Rock Wool For Marine

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Manufacturing technique
ZHONGZI basalt rock wool adopts the high-class basalt mine as main raw material and is melt under high temperature and swung into fiber by high-speed centrifugation. Advanced three-dimensional productive technology is used and a small amount of binder is added. After it is thermal-curved into shapes, high strength plate is finished. This product is widely used in all kinds of industries, such as building exterior wall’s thermal insulation, core board of fireproof door, core board of accommodation bulkhead and thermal insulation of ship and pipeline equipment. Now, Luyang rock wool used on ship has gained the recognized certificate of china classification society and European Union type. This complete incombustible material can be used as composite board’s sandwich core material on ship and it is with good compressive capacity, tensile strength and low water absorption, and it can also meet the requirement of ship’s thermal insulation and sound insulation.
The product can be pasted with aluminium foil cloth or glass fabric cloth on surface according to customers’ requirements.

Product features
Thermal insulation
Good flexibility of fiber, low shot content, good thermal preservation
High-class raw material, high-temperature craft, guaranteed fireproofing performance
ZHONGZI basalt rock wool has high hydrophobicity, low moisture absorption and low short-term water absorption.
Sound absorption and noise reduction
A large amount of spindly fiber within rock wool forms the interconnected porous structure. Because of high porosity, rock wool products have the feature of efficient sound absorption and noise reduction.

The product can be cut arbitrarily and is convenient to operate.

The product should be stored indoors, otherwise the waterproof cloth should be used to cover products in the outdoors.

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