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Product Category 

fiber rope (twisted/woolen rope, round/square braided rope)
fiber cloth
fiber tape
fiber Yarn


Classification Temperature 
fiber:               1100°C 
Glass reinforcement:     500°C 
Steel reinforcement:     1000°C


Main properties Components  
iber:              65~75%
Viscose fiber:        15~20%
Reinforcement:     10~15%


Not easy to melt in aluminum liquid
Excellent insulation property
Good chemical corrosion resistance  
New appearance 
Excellent thermal shock stability
Easy installation, especially suitable for valve insulation
Low thermal conductivity
Environmental protection, KNB more than 25, It got solubility certificate from Fraunhofer
Exonerated from any carcinogenic classification under nota Q of directive 97/69 EC 


Refractory lining for industrial furnace
Thermal insulation for pipe and boiler 
Fireproof for construction and steel structure
High temperature gas filtration medium
Thermal insulation for nuclear power equipments
Sealing washer and insulation material for automobile
Fireproof for welding
Heat insulation for the hot welding joints of outdoor welding 
Process to manufacture insulation material of different functions like module ,washer etc 
Fire and sound resistance vessel bulkhead and deck, offshore oil platform


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