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Non-Ferrous Industry

Our company provides high temperature fibres, refractory and microporous insulation products and systems for thermal management  in critical high temperature environments.
Our engineered solutions are used extensively in primary and secondary processing of aluminium and other non-ferrous metals to improve productivity, reliability and energy efficiency.
Our products guarantee energy savings and help protect the environment at a time of rising energy costs and increased environmental awareness. For the aluminium industry in particular, this is a decisive factor.
What is more, operators and plants must meet high quality and efficiency standards when it comes to manufacturing and recycling aluminium.
With its clear and targeted focus on quality and innovative solutions, Luyang  is the ideal refractory solutions partner for the aluminium industry.
Aluminium is the most important of the non-ferrous metals. Despite its low melting point of just 660°C, it nevertheless requires production units to have high-performing refractory.
Our company supplies refractory material both for primary aluminium production – rotary furnaces for calcination, anode furnaces, electrolysis cells – and for the secondary aluminium industry.
We offer customer-specific lining concepts to meet specific operating conditions and satisfy both qualitative and economic aspects. The complete Luyang ranges are available for optimum heat insulation,such as Insulating fire bricks,Insulating refractory castables,Calcium silicate products and so on.